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krabiceFIDmix®offers a complete range of supplementary vitamin-mineral mixtures for the backyard farm and farm animals.

It is used by adding the mixture to the usual dose of feed for all types of poultry, pigs, horses, dogs, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigeons and exotic birds, which consists mainly of domestic food and therefore it does not contain all of the important active substances in the required amount. The composure of biologically active substances in FIDmix® (vitamins, minerals, lysine, methionine, threonine, salt and other substances) allow farmers and breeders to supplement vitamin-mineral lacking feed to the necessary level. Feed optimized with FIDmix® ensures the viability and good health of animals. It significantly increases weight gain, maintains good health, reduces the occurrence of motive system disorders and improves the diggested feed's efficiency. FIDmix® also positively contributes to the process of pregnancy and lactation and increases the laying, hatching and fertility rates of the eggs.

Supplementary mineral and vitamin mixtures FIDmix® are to be used daily, evenly mixed into the feed according to the recommended dosage for each animal species and categories.

FIDmix® is available in packs of 1 kg and 10 kg.