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For breeding of pigs


FIDmix® is a mineral and vitamin mixture for small and medium hog farms. It is added to the individual doses of food consisting mainly of groats, kitchen leftovers and other components. Through the composition of FIDmix® and biologically active substances contained therein, i.e. vitamins, minerals, lysine, threonine and fodder salt, the originally incomplete nutritive value of feeding doses is supplemented to a necessary level. This optimized nutrition substantially enhances weight gains, improves the rate of feed utilization, guarantees good condition of health in animals and reduces occurrence of motive system disorders.

Packaging: 1 kg, 10 kg.

Feeding instructions

Apply FIDmix® daily, in equal blends with the food. Use lower dosages of FIDmix® at the beginning of rearing or feeding period, and then increase gradually in accordance with the age of piglets up to the maximum recommended FIDmix® percentage.

1 tablespoon contains about 30 g.

Storing: always store in a dry place!

Date of production is printed on the package.

Use before: 12 months from the day of production!

Recommended dosage

piglets 8 - 20 kg
30 - 60 g per animal and day 1 - 2 tablespoonfuls
hogs 20 - 100 kg 60 - 120 g per animal and day 3 - 4 tablespoonfuls
hogs above 100 kg 120 g per animal and day 4 tablespoonfuls

Content of active substance in 1kg