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For breeding of small and medium poultry


FIDmix® is a mineral and vitamin mixture for small and medium poultry farms. It is added to the individual doses of poultry feed consisting mainly of groats, kitchen leftovers and other fodder components. Through the composition of FIDmix® and the biologically active substances contained therein, i.e. vitamins, minerals, lysine, methionine and fodder salt, the originally incomplete nutritive value of feeding doses is supplemented to the necessary level. This optimized nutrition guarantees the viability and good health conditions in young poultry, substantially enhances weight gains and improves the fodder utilization rate.

Packaging: 1 kg, 10 kg.

Feeding instructions

FIDmix® is used daily, evenly mixed into the feed. At the beginning of rearing or feeding, use a lower guide FIDmix® dose and gradually increase with age and disease on the upper recommended dose FIDmix®.

1 spoonful equals approximately 30 g.

Storing: always store in a dry place!

Date of production is printed on the package.

Use before: 12 months from the day of production!

Recommended dosage

chickens, ducklings, goslings
up to 8 weeks of age
30-60 g / 10 heads / day 1-2 tablespoonfuls
chickens, ducklings, goslings 
above 8 weeks of age

60 g / 10 heads / day 2 tablespoonfuls
turkeys and guinea fowl
up to 8 weeks of age
30-75 g / 10 heads / day 1-2,5 tablespoonfuls
turkeys and guinea fowl
above 8 weeks of age
90 g / 10 heads / day 3 tablespoonfuls

Content of active substance in 1 kg

Analytické složení v 1 kg




Vápník (Ca)

24 %

Fosfor (P)

4,7 %

Sodík (Na)

1,7 %


1,3 %


2,4 %



Doplňkové látky/doplnkové látky v 1 kg:




Nutriční DL (aminokyseliny)


(3.2.3.) L-lysin, monohydrochlorid

13 000 mg

(3c301) DL-methionin

24 000 mg



Nutriční DL (vitaminy)


(3a672a) Vitamin A

225 000 m.j.

(E671) Vitamin D3

45000 m.j.

(3a700) Vitamin E

675 mg

(3a821) Vitamin B1

35 mg

Vitamin B2

90 mg

Vitamin B6

50 mg

Vitamin B12

765 µg

Vitamin K

35 mg

(3a315) Niacinamid

625 mg

(3a841) D-pantothenan vápenatý

390 mg

(3a316) Kyselina listová

33 mg

(3a890) Cholinchlorid

5 750 mg



Nutriční DL (mikroprvky)


(E 1) Železo - Fe (síran železnatý monohydrát)

2 300 mg

(3b202) Jód - I (jodičnan vápenatý bezvodý)

11 mg

(E 4) Měď - Cu (síran měďnatý pentahydrát)

130 mg

(E 5) Mangan - Mn (oxid manganatý)

1 300 mg

(E 6) Zinek - Zn (oxid zinečnatý)

800 mg

(E 8) Selen - Se (seleničitan sodný)

2,5 mg

(3b8.10) Selen - Se (Organická forma selenu, kterou produkují Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 (inaktivované kvasinky se selenem)

0,7 mg



Technologické DL (antioxidanty)


(E 320) Butylhydroxyanisol (BHA)

11 mg

(E 321) Butylhydroxytoluen (BHT)

56 mg

(E 324) Etoxyquin 

112 mg



Technologické DL (protispékavé látky)


(1g568) Klinoptilolit sedimentárního původu

15 mg