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For goats, sheeps and cloven-hoofed animals


FIDmix® is a mineral and vitamin mixture for sheep, goats and deer animals. It is a complete feeding mixture containing mineral substances (macroelements and microelements) and vitamins. FIDmix® provides for compensation of the mineral and vitamin substances lacking in the feed batches for small cud chewing mammals – sheep, goats and deer. FIDmix® supplements 4 basic macro-elements – calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium - in the animal feed batch. As regards the micro-elements, the FIDmix® supplies zinc, cobalt, iron, manganese, iodine and selenium into the feed batch. Moreover, the FIDmix contains the vitamins A, D3 and E which are efficiently protected against volatility. Recommended dose of FIDmix® preparation should be evenly powdered over the bulk fodder in the feeding through.

Packaging: 1 kg, 10 kg.

Feeding instructions

FIDmix® is used daily evenly mixed into the core of the ration, or poured evenly into the pan to forage.

1 full teaspoon contains approx. 7 g of dry preparation.

Storing: always store in a dry place!

Date of production is printed on the package.

Use before: 12 months from the day of production!

Recommended dosage

lambs and kids 5-10 g / head / day 1 teaspoonful
grown-up animals 10-20 g / head / day 2-3 teaspoonfuls
gestating and milking females
15-30 g /head / day 2-4 teaspoonfuls

Content of active substance in 1 kg

Analytické složení v 1 kg




Vápník (Ca)

16 %

Fosfor (P)

6,7 %

Sodík (Na)

6 %

Hořčík (Mg)

2,5 %



Doplňkové látky/doplnkové látky v 1 kg:




Nutriční DL (vitaminy)


(3a672a) Vitamin A

500 000 m.j.

(E671) Vitamin D3

52 500 m.j.

(3a700) Vitamin E

560 mg



Nutriční DL (mikroprvky)


(3b202) Jód - I (jodičnan vápenatý bezvodý)

70 mg

(3b301) Kobalt - Co (octan kobaltnatý tetrahydrát)

20 mg

(E 5) Mangan - Mn (oxid manganatý)

1 120mg

(E 5) Mangan - Mn (chelát manganua aminokyseliny, n-hydrát)

120 mg

(E 6) Zinek - Zn (oxid zinečnatý)

2 720 mg

(E 6) Zinek - Zn (chelát zinku a aminokyseliny, n-hydrát)

180 mg

(E 8) Selen - Se (seleničitan sodný)

20 mg



Technologické DL (antioxidanty)


(E 320) Butylhydroxyanisol (BHA)

10 mg

(E 321) Butylhydroxytoluen (BHT)

50 mg

(E 324) Etoxyquin 

100 mg



Technologické DL (protispékavé látky)


(1g568) Klinoptilolit sedimentárního původu

15 mg